Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Genesis 24

We just had an awesome week and a half with two fabulous guys from our sister/daughter church in Knoxville, TN. Mr Kely and Mr. Greg were too fun! They had no problems playing chase with the girls, telling funny jokes, or running around like crazy people; all for the sake of entertaining my children.

Before they left on Sunday night, we had a sweet time of prayer. I was so bless by the things that they prayed over my girls, my husband and myself. Mr. Kely suggested looking at Genesis 24 in regard to the Bride of Christ. What I found, and the parallels that are there were too interesting to not share.

Let's begin by meeting the characters.... We have Abraham, Isaac, the servant and Rebekah (the bride) This is the passage where Abraham sends his servant back to his people to find a bride for his son. Some of you can see where this is going huh...

Abraham // God
Isaac // Jesus
Servant // US - believers
Rebekah // the Church aka the Bride of Christ.

Abraham sent his Servant to a foreign land. // We are strangers is this world (I Peter 1:17)
Abraham sent his Servant to find a bride // We are sent to go make disciples (Matt 28:19)
The Servant was sent with gifts // We have the gift of the Holy Spirit ( Luke 11:13)
// We have spiritual gifts (I Cor. 1:6-8)
The servant asked for favor and clarity // We can ask God who is "ripe" for the harvest (Matt 21:22) aka "treasure hunting" (but that is another post in and of it's self)

Once the bride had been found it was important that she be taken to her husband immediately.
Those around her didn't want her to leave. // They are like the thorns that choke out the plant.

She was blessed to become the Mother of many // Again the parable of the sower (Matt 13:23)
Rebekah asked who "that man" was & the servant told her is was his master// We are to tell and share about our relationship with Jesus

She was given to Isaac // The church is bride (Rev 19:7)

Though I can't find the verse for it... there is something to learning to be intimate with Jesus in this too. To being discipled. To being taught how to pray (Matt 6:9).

The Servant didn't just tell Rebekah that there was a rich man in Canaan that wanted her to be his son's wife, he didn't draw her a map and show her the fastest way to get there, rather he took her there. We can't expect new believers to know how to have a fervent prayer life, we can't think that they will know how to study the Bible. We have to walk with them, teach them show them. It's all part of making disciples. (Matt 28:19)

That is what we are wanting to do here. Make disciples. Teach people how to be the servant who goes out and finds the bride for their master. Teach them how to teach others.


katrina said...

Awesome Becky. I am so thrilled God is using your whole family to teach others to be disciples of God.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love all Foresters! And miss 'em!

Anonymous said...

And that last anonymous post (and this one, too!) was written by Mr. Kely, because I didn't want to sign up for all the things I would have to sign up for in order to leave my comment!