Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exploration : day 2

After Lake Nabugabo we continued south/southwest and drove to Lake Bunyonyi. The drive was really nice, we watched the landscape change from plains, to banana farms and then into the foot hills of the mountains.We passed a Ugandan Mill.... Here they are making 2x4's BY HAND!!! unbelievable.
A nice shot of the lake from the top of the hill, looking down. Lake Bunyonyi, and the mountains that surround it, is known as the "Switzerland of Africa".
We were BLOWN away by how the people farm the land..... they use every available square inch of dirt for farming! Even if it means farming sideways on the side of a mountain.
I wish there was more I could say about lake Bunyonyi.... We got there at dusk, set up and cooked dinner in the dark, climbed in the van, and went to sleep! The next morning, we at breakfast at the resort were we were camping, so that we could spend our time packing up, instead of cooking.

Here is our "campsite". It was actually the edge of the parking lot, but the grassy area was GREAT for the girls to run around in. Imagine, the tarp over the van, a few trunks sitting around, a NICE RED COOLER, and a lantern or two and you have our camp.

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