Saturday, May 1, 2010

Exploration : day 1

We took our first Ugandan Camping trip last week and had an awesome time! But before I tell you all about it, let me clarify a few things first:
#1 : Our Trip to Murchinson Falls National Park was a two day, one night trip. Quick, fast and close by. A short two hour drive from our house!
#2 Our trip to Aru Falls was a day trip. Drive there, eat lunch, hike, and go home. That was it.
NOW on the other hand this was a BIG trip. AMI is big on the "push-pull" work method, and we are about to have a HUGE push with the summer coming and several short term teams making a trip to Uganda! So we thought that a little time as a family was in order, to help prepare ourselves for the next push.

OK that being said...... Here are the awesome details of our trip.

We started by staying the night in Kampala. We splurged a little for Kent's birthday and rented a room at the Grand Imperial, I wish I had taken pictures.... but alas... I didn't.

Our First stop was Lake Nabugabo, a short drive from Kampala. It was VERY nice, peaceful. I wish we would have stayed there the whole week!!

The biggest down fall of the lake was the Monkeys. They were great fun to look at when they were walking from the water to the trees... but after this mama got brave and stole a tomato from our camp.... it was all down hill from there!
We had all sorts of monkeys wanting in on the yummy food! It was crazy! There were several times that we had to chase a monkey out of the back of the van! I though one monkey was going to chase me! I was glad that Kent was ready and willing to take on anything that might try and attack. What a man, what a man!

The view was amazing. The "Holiday Center" were we stayed has NICE bathrooms, and there were bandas or huts that you could rent, if you didn't have a tent to sleep in. After a yummy breakfast, we were packed up and on the road by 11:00 on Wed morning.

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