Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Weekend Confessions

Easter "weekend" started for us on Thursday when Kent and I headed to the Capital..... ALONE! Can you believe it, God as given us FABULOUS babysitters here in Uganda! We ate burgers, bought cereal (even at $10 a box) ate pizza, bought butter and cheese, and even ate Mexican food! ... I LOVED IT!

We were home by Saturday. The kids had colored eggs with Miss Ashley, so Sunday was a low key, recover from supply run, kind of day. Sunday night I was making a HUGE pot of spaghetti sauce... home made.... from scratch, and as I was moving it from the counter, back to the burner...... I DROPPED IT!

I'm not sure what the actual trigger was, could be the fact that we live in a foreign country, could have been all the time wasted cooking, could have been the food that was lost, yummy, fresh good food, or it could have been the fact I was exhausted from staying up until 2:00am while we were in the capital. Who knows..... but I LOST IT!

I started crying like I had just lost my BFF. Kent thought I had received bad news via a text message or something. I couldn't explain it, I just cried, and cried.... and cried! It was really the first time that I have cried since we moved here. Kent was super husband and cleaned up my mess while I went into our room and sobbed. The kids were angles and all volunteered to eat noodles with butter and cheese. (Fortunately we had picked up some Parmesan cheese while we were in Kampala.) There was enough sauce left in the bottom of the pot for a few of us to enjoy the creation.

Easter Monday is a holiday here in Uganda, so Kent, one of our neighbors and Lawrence planned a huge BBQ or Roast. There was a ton of food that needed to be prepared. Fortunately I didn't have to cook it all, I just had to help. We cooked a gigantic amount of Matoki (green bananas), a huge pot of potatoes, lots of noodles, bunches and bunches of Bo, and EIGHT KILOS of RICE! All this was in addition to the three chickens, a side of beef and 7 pineapples.

In all honesty I didn't have a very good time. I found it extremely hard, after having a rough night the night before, to force myself to have a conversation with women, who didn't WANT to talk, or who COULDN'T talk (at least in my language). I really tried hard a first. We started preparing food at 9:00am. And I sat and helped, while listening to them chat in Acholi. Occasionally I would ask Susan (one of the ladies who spoke English) what they were saying, and she would tell me, but not with out some annoyance in her voice. After a while I gave up.... I was emotionally SPENT!

BUT God was good, when he gave me those Awesome babysitters, he planed it so that they would be my friends too! So at 5:30pm, my friends came and kidnapped me for a girls sleepover. We had dinner.... I didn't have to cook, and we talked.... with out being interrupted. Then we watched a grown up movie..... The Lord of the Rings, part one. (We flirted with the idea of watching all three movies, but we didn't think staying up that late was wise, and now we have a GREAT excuse to have another sleep over!).... I came home the next morning so refreshed!

THANK YOU JESUS for friends who will babysit and who understand life in a third world country. After keeping the girls for three days, they were amazed at how I manage, which is why they spoiled me on our girls night! I feel so loved and blessed!


lwillits said...

becky you are so very dear and as I read your entries I feel your words.. I am so thankful for you and your friendship and words cannot express how much I value you.... you are so dear!!!!!

Jeff and Amy McKissick said...

oh yes, this sounds familiar! know that i am praying for you as you adjust to life overseas!

Foresterclan said...

Thanks AMY!!!