Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally..... time to think!

Wow... I have wanted to blog so many things over the last few weeks..... but I haven't had the time or the energy, and now that I have both..... I don't know where to begin.

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Many of you know that our plans were to be in Africa by September 2009, but GOD has bigger (and better) plans.

We will be staying here in Waco until after the first of the year. There are several different reasons for this, however the main one is for extra training.

Our leadership has asked us to stay and receive additional Church Planting training the first two weeks of December. After that we will enjoy Christmas with our families and then, LORD willing, we will move to Uganda January 2010.

This has been bittersweet, In our hearts we are ready to go and begin what God has called us to in Uganda, but we are also excited that we are able to "put off" saying our farewells, and we have been SO blessed by all the "I'm glad you aren't leaving yet, we get to keep you longer" comments.

These new turn of events have brought along with them a few new changes. The first and biggest one being that we moved!! In our eager expectation of moving over seas, we put in our 30 day notice on May 1st, before we knew we needed to stay. By the time we realized we needed to stay longer, our duplex was already rented, and we HAD to be out by the end of MAY.


We had no IDEA were we were going to live.... all of the doors we tried were closed shut. I am SO glad that God's plans are better than ours. We have friends, that had a house on the market, sitting there empty, and so they offered to let us move in.......... for FREE!!!!

GOD is so GOOD!!!!!! We were moving our of our duplex, in part, because we couldn't afford the rent, and now, by trusting in GOD and His plans, we are living in a much bigger house, for FREE. (it has it's quirks..... but I am NOT complaining!) UNBELIEVABLE!

So now, LOTS of packing, and one garage sale later..... we are living in GOD's best!!

There is really so much more that he has done for us. One day I look forward to writing a book that tells about all the wonderful ways he has taken care of our little family by not just meeting our needs, but blessing us with some of our wants as well. From lasagna dinner to houses at the lake to adventures over seas, HE has done it ALL!

Thank you Lord for being our provider, and looking out for our us. Not just letting us "get by" , but truly blessing our socks off!! You are an AMAZING Father, and I am bless to be your child.


Regina said...

What can we all say? He truely is AMAZING and we all love seeing and hearing His glory through your posts. I am going to get on the bandwagon with everyone and say i'm glad we have ya'll allittle longer. I promise we will pick a date next month and get the families together again. Love ya girl, Gina,Rob and the boys!!
P.S. I want to be the first to buy your book!!HeeHee

Baca's Head said...

We miss you guys! Fun to see the Lord surprise you... and so cool about your awesome free house! :)

-Shannon and Eric