Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Making Progress

OK..... We have decided to move out at the end of the month., and the result is : there is an official "for rent" sign in our front yard, we have piles and piles and stacks and stacks of stuff that is either being sold, stored or packed (mostly sold), nothing has a "place" any more, and today I took all the pictures down off the wall so everything looks weird.

Yes, these are the signs that we are moving to another country, halfway around the world!

I am making a mental list of all the things that I want to try and pack. Key word here being "try". We want to limit ourselves to the allotted # of bags, 2 per ticket + one carry on and one small purse or briefcase.

I have been introduced to a family in Kampala, Uganda, that sent me a VERY helpful list of "stuff" that is available there in Uganda. This list will help us decide what we REALLY need to take and what we can get there.

To day at dinner I asked the girls what they thought was the most exciting part about living in Africa. Here are their answers......

M - Seeing all the miracles.
H - Learning all the crafts that the ladies do.
S - Telling people about Jesus.
E - Making new friends..... not really, but she copied every thing her sisters said, and new friends was something that was said by all.


Other progresses....... H got her "tooth brace" off today and is now able to smile with confidence once again. I was talking to a friend today, and H is NOT the same little girl that she was a year ago. Last year H wouldn't ask my friend, someone she knew, for a piece of B-day cake while we were at her son's party.
Last month she boldly asked the waiter for more water when she realized that her cup was empty!! Thank you Jesus! It is unbelievable the changes that have taken place, especially since she is JUST like me and I didn't overcome my shyness until I was 20 something and married. I was afraid that she was going to suffer my same fate, but GOD had other plans!

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