Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SO Sad!

I took some too cute pictures of the girls last week in the Indian Blankets, but I currently can't find my memory card reader. :( OH well the pictures will have to wait.

SO I got to spend a night in the Dallas area last weekend. It was not quite as glorious as I had hoped, but it was still fun none the less. Friday was spent at the Home school book fair in Arlington. (As was Saturday) I got to spend the day with my dear friend Tara, that night I got to spend lots of time with my Best-est Friend Jenn. Saturday really didn't go as planned, I was gonna spend the day with Jen at the book fair, but she got sick. I was gonna ride back to Waco with Tressa, but we could never connect due to a lack of phone numbers and a dead cell phone battery (mine). Thank GOD I saw another friend from Waco, who had pity on me and let me ride home with her.

All in all it was a good weekend. I got a good start on next years school stuff. I LOVE planning!

However, I realize that I have started the grieving process. I think I can handle living in a small one bath home, I can get used to new foods and methods of cooking. The heat, well I hope I can handle it. But the thing I think I am going to miss most is the LIBRARY. We love going to the library. Every week or so we load up and check out tons of awesome books. This new curriculum revolves around books, it is doable with out the extra books, but they are so nice to have.

In other moments....... today E and I were looking at a book that had a picture of a rabbit. She kept calling it a "runny babbit". I know that there is a book out there that is called "runny babbit" but we have never read it....... maybe I will check it out next time we are there.

I wish I had more funny little thing to share, but my brain is too tired to think.

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