Saturday, February 14, 2009

Let the Stories begin.......

Ocean View is one of many townships nestled around the Mountains. The majority of the townships are defined strictly by economic level and skin color. Masipumelele was the roughest that we saw, and Ocean View was a close second. The strangest thing was that one minuet we were in a nice "white" township and then a few moments down the road you would be in a poverty stricken "colored" or "black" township. Drive a little further and you were in a nice "white" neighborhood again.This is a view of the area from one of the mountains. Because the area we were in was infested with drugs and alcohol we were advised not to take cameras while we were out sharing the gospel. Towards the end of the trip we felt comfortable enough to take pictures of the people that we had established good relationships with.

These pictures were taken at Elizabeth's house. We spent a very gusty day cleaning up her yard and helping her get rid of A LOT of junk. (Above) this is the front of her house. There was a large mixture of homes in OV, ranging from one room (total) shacks to larger two & three room homes. And occasionally you would go into a home that was completely out of place and extremely nicer than the average.
The rent "house" behind of Elizabeth's
This is the view from Elizabeth's house..... hence the name of the Township. The box looking thing..... the future bathroom.
A view of some of the neighboring houses.
This is a bathroom in a different home..... it is nicer than most. Cedric and Silvia work faithfully serving the Lord through All Nations and the home that these pictures are of was given to them..... God is Good. even in Ocean View.

Views of their kitchen.... Silvia came and cooked for our team four days a week. It was a huge blessing to come home and not have to cook for 21 people!
Now a clip showing the view from the deck at our first house....... Right around that mountain on the left was OV. This is the Capri house where we stayed all of January.
I had a hard time letting people know where we were staying..... some how I left guilty staying in a large nice house while we were ministering to the poor in OV. The house was great, for the most part everyone had their own room, except the only single on the team, Blaise got to sleep in the Living room. Our room had two sets of bunk beds that the girls slept on, and Kent and I slept on two twins pushed together...... one big happy family!

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