Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I'm going to let you in on a little secret..... I like to take pictures. I really like to take pictures of my kids and nature.  Looking through my picture files is like looking through a National Geographic Magazine (well sort of).  Anyway.... once several years ago my Dad shared the most romantic idea with me.  I honestly think it was the most romantic thing I have ever heard him utter.
 He revealed that when he is on hiking/hunting trips he likes to take pictures of purple flowers to let my mom know that he is thinking of her.  Purple is her favorite color.  So I have adopted that habit too!  I can't look at a purple flower with out thinking of my mom!
 She is a WONDERFUL woman! She is compassionate.... (crying with me when I had a miscarriage) Giving... (sending money to fill my freezer full of meat when we were poor) Even.... (like getting me my first "good" camera after she helped my brother go to Italy) Smart..... (she is a Nurse Practitioner, nuff said)  Determined (she went back to college when I was in the 3rd grade)  Faithful (she has been at the same job for 16 years!)
 Like everyone else, she has her faults.... which also happen to some of my faults so we relate to one another well.  We also have the same weird sense of humor, and we enjoy quoting movies..... actually my whole family does that and now my kids do it too!
 There are some things that I can't put into words.... parts of me that will always need my mommy.  Fortunately she is only a phone call away!
I am truly bless to have the mother I do! 
Thank you God for giving her to me!

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