Monday, November 2, 2009

PTL Story #1

OK I want to be faithful to share all the cool things that happens as we continue on this journey.

One of the biggest praises that we have so far is that our airfare will be significantly cheaper than we thought!!!! We were budgeting around $12,000 to get us all to Uganda. Yes, $12,000. You would be surprised at what it costs to fly a family of six half way around the world. HOWEVER, in talking with our travel agent, who has helped us purchase our tickets the last few times we have visited, she heard that we were MOVING there and WHY we were moving there, and she connected us to an agent that specializes in missionary airfare. (i think that could qualify as a run-on sentence)

Our new estimated budget for airfare is closer to $4500. Yes I said $4,500...... total! Plus we get and extra bag for each person as well. So we can take 18 bags instead of just 12. Only, I don't think that we have enough stuff to fit in to 18 suitcases.

So yea GOD!!!! He is not only increasing what has been given, but he is decreasing what is needed as well!! Continue LORD!!

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Bethany said...

Praise God!! And yay for extra baggage, even if you don't need it.