Friday, November 20, 2009


No Lub is not an abbreviation for the Hub city, it is Snuggle Bug's way to say love.

Most mommies have to start the "I love you" banter. You, know... you pick them up, give your little someone a big hug, whisper "I love you" and hope that you can catch the last few snippets of their response before they leap from you arms and rush back to what ever they were doing.

NOT so with Snuggle Bug. She initiates saying "I lub you" more than I remember the other girls doing. When I pick her up (at her request) she throws her arms around my neck and says, "I lub you mommy." If that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will!!

The down side to this cute lovableness, is when she is in trouble.....

Last night, on our way home from Petersburg, Kent had baned all talking in the car. This is something that he does often when it is past the girls normal bedtime. Somehow the silence calms their excitement, and sometimes (depending on the length of the drive) it puts them to sleep.

This was not the case on the way home last night......

I am sitting and enjoying a bottle of water (and the silence) when all of a sudden there is a sharp whistle from the back seat. Thinking it was an accident, I continue to enjoy my bottle of water. Again, another sharp whistle from the back seat. So I turn to silence the noise maker.

As soon as I turn around, Snuggle Bug very quickly informs me that she is thirsty. I cracked up! This may be one of those "you had to be there" stories, but even now it makes me laugh.

Knowing that she was baned from talking, and yet knowing that she HAD to have some of my water, she made the only other sound she could. A whistle!

Whistling is a talent that most 3 yr olds, that I know at least, can't do. AND one that she worked VERY hard at until she had mastered it. (and we were all super glad when she did, cause before she could whistle she would run around shreeching at the top of her lungs thinking she was whistling, yes we were extremely glad when she made the switch!)

There was nothing else I could do, except laugh and pass my water bottle back. Kent didn't think it was as funny, something about obedience....... you can see now how it is hard when Snuggle Bug is in trouble!!

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tiny dancer said...

Hi guys! Keep checkin the blog for updates but it's been awhile... when are ya'll planning to move??