Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Funny Words...

Well I have to share a funny "quote" if you will, from some of the girls.

The other day Mekala was looking at the rocking chair that her Gram gave her on her first birthday, and she told Sarah, "When I'm a grandma, I want my grand kids to call me Grandma Sue." I had a Grandmother Sue (My Grandmother's mother) so this peaked my interest.

"Why do you want to be called Grandma Sue?" I asked. Answer:

"Because that is what it says here on the bottom of my chair." and she pointed to some words.

It read : "Gram sure does love you" Apparently in her brain she read Gram sure as Grandma Sue.


We stopped in to see Kent the other day, who is painting a house for our "lawnmowers" (land lords), when Sarah asked when the armadillos were going to move in. In West Texas that is pronounced: arm-uh-dill-a.

I was thoroughly confused, so I asked her to repeat the question. Again she asked when the armadillos were going to move in.

Kent was quicker that I was at the moment and began to explain that the "Maderas" (ma-deer-as) weren't going to move in, that they were just going to rent it.

I guess the dill-a and deer-a had her a bit confused.


Emma is only just learning how to communicate verbally, but some of her more recognizable phrases are:

Come - which is always followed by a pull on your arm or a pat on her leg (yes like you call a dog)

BeepBeep - which could be easily translated into ExcuseMe. (Say excuse me fast and you'll see what I mean.)

and Poo Poo - which needs no translation, only action, cause usually by that point she has helped get the diaper changing process started by taking it off and putting it in the trash. (And yes that means that she is running around with a dirty hiney!!)

Lord, help me to always remember the cute little things my kids say! They grow so fast, I want to remember them as long as I can.

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