Wednesday, January 14, 2009

South Africa Part 2

We have been really busy. We go out to Ocean View twice a day. Once after our team meeting in the morning and then again after lunch. Some times Kent and I go together and sometimes I go with the other ladies.

I led my first person to Jesus today!!! It was really exciting. I was with my lady friends, (sometimes it is hard to get a word in if I am out with Kent ;) but they knew I wanted to pray with some one.... I just need a chance.

We have prayed for several people that were healed!! Ashma, affects from stroke, injured arms.... GOD IS AWESOME!!!

The people here are wonderful!! I wish I had the words and the time to describe them and their city. They are very friendly, they all invite you in, and once we were even offered tea!!

It was really exciting to come blog and see that there were so many encouragements ( aka comments) from you all! Keep them coming.

Kent may add his own blog post one day... We want you to hear his experience as well!!

Be blessed until next time!!


Tressa said...

Its so exciting to hear of all the things happening. I can just picture it all in my head! I bet your girls are loving it and the people are loving them even more! KEEP ON Forester Clan!!!!

Anonymous said...

How can we not comment? We want you to be encouraged by our love and support and in a way, we are there with you. Tell me how the girls are doing. Tell them that Aunt Kelly loves them and misses them mucho! Love to all!
Tell Kent I miss his daily calls...

Anonymous said...

GOD is sooo good! How exciting to hear when someone meets the LORD. We lift you guys in our prayers and encourage you to stay true to God's calling and HIS prompting. The fields are full. HE has so many souls waiting for you guys to share HIS plan of salvation with. Isn't it the most wonderful sight to see the "joy and excitement" in a new believer's eyes? Be encouraged honey.
Kiss and hug the girls from us!

All our love, Gram & Pop

Justin Bagwell said...

Yea, lets hear from forest-fire, what do you got to say for yourself dk. I have been praying for you guys extensively today, awesome to hear what God is doing. All glory, honor and praise to God. I love ya'll.


College Station said...

Yeah!! I'm so excited about your news about
leading a lady to Christ there. God is so good!!!
What do the girls think about it so far? I would
love to hear from you when you get a chance.
Rob said, tell Kent Hi!
Gina and the guys!!!

Aaron said...

Hey guys!! Glad all is going well. Keep us updated and get kent to post. Love you guys! Aaron & Denita Garrett

Anonymous said...

Where have you guys been? Let us know that you are well and what's going on. Ready for you to come home. When you go for a few years, it's gonna kill us!

Aunt Kelly

Anonymous said...

Hey it's your cousin Jackie... Uncle Tex sent this to me and I am just checking it out. I will email you so you have mine too... xoxoxo hope all is well

Everett Family said...

Everett Family,

It's been exciting keeping up with you guys and all that's goin' on. We've been checking daily, to keep up with ya'll. It's evident that God is moving on your behalf. Know that we are all praying and believing good things for your family,your team, and for Ocean View. We LOVE you guys. Everetts

Kevin and Michelle said...

We are praying for you and canhardly wait to hear from you in person! He is worth going all the way to South Africa, and you are all sowing eternal things into the kingdom. Blessings!
Kevin (for the Steele's)

Anonymous said...

You guys are in our hearts and prayers. Praise be to our Lord for the work that you are doing.

Be encouraged and know you are loved!

We can't wait to hear all your experiences.

Love Gram & Pop