Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brain Dead!

(Small disclaimer..... I can't get the spellchecker to work... so read at your own risk, and please don't judge me.... it is genetic, ask my Dad!! )

I am absoultly amazed at how draining class is for me right now! We are ONLY in class from 8:30 - 12:30 in the morning with several breaks.

The result.... I am not near as orginized, creative or thoughtful! To think that is has almost been a month since my last post is, well I want to say shamefull, but really it isn't, maybe dissapointing is a better word.

We only have 7 more days of class, and then it is ..... Christmas break. Whooo HOOO!

Please don't get me wrong the class is AMAZING!!!! I wouldn't NOT change the class for anything, just maybe the schedule.

There have be so many "posts" that I have wanted to write.... but I just never had the energy or creativity. Some of them would have been ( and might still be - in 7 days :) the following:

- Up date in the fish and Kent's Malaria
- Girls at thanksgiving.... playing in leaves and making oreo turkeys.
- More of Emma's potty training adventures
- Reflections on the awesome things that God is doing in my heart!!
- South Africa status
And from today....
- Mekala's birthday party! (this will be a definant post later!)

Well that is all for now..... Don't give up on me. I "blog" while I am trying to go to sleep!

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Anonymous said...

Honey, this Gram loves reading your blog and keeping up with the girls in this wonderful, technical way. Wow computers have so changed our lives, but when the plate is's full! So take a well deserved break and enjoy some time yourself. Love you guys!